Decision of the General Shareholders' Meeting

We are free to inform you that a decision on appointment of the following Supervisory Board members was reached at the General Shareholders’ Meeting of the company Dalekovod d.d. Zagreb held on 7 Sep 2011.
  1. Nataša Ivanović, B.Sc.Econ., PIN : 20863256891, Fancevljev prilaz 3, Zagreb
  2. Dubravko Štimac, B.Sc.Econ., PIN: 40402971482, Veslačka 2, Zagreb
  3. Davor Doko, B.Sc.Econ., PIN: 53427448851, Cvjetna cesta 7a, Zagreb
  4. Ante Ćurković, B.Sc.Eng., PIN: 08630751083, Zelena magistrala 38, Zagreb
The newly elected Supervisory Board members are continuing the current mandate of the Supervisory Board, provided that the term starts on the date of this decision, and ends with the completion of the existing mandate of the Supervisory Board, or by 12 June 2014.

Members of the Supervisory Board are entitled to compensation as determined by the Statute of the Company.

Also, the General Shareholders’ Meeting was informed of the occurrence of the conditions for termination of membership of the up-to-then four members of the Supervisory Board.
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