Club loan for project financing of wind park construction nearby city of Zadar

We are glad to announce that loan contract has been signed for long term project financing for wind park ZD2 and ZD3 total amount EUR 53.500.000,00.
The contract has been signed between Societe Generale – Splitska banka d.d. as leeding arranger, agent and lender and Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. as co-arranger and lender, special purpose vehicle company EKO d.o.o. as borrower, companies Dalekovod Professio d.o.o. and Medviđa d.o.o. as project sponsors and company Dalekovod d.d.

The loan has been approved for long-term project financing of wind park ZD2 and ZD 3 construction at site nearby city of Zadar consisting of 16 wind turbines and total installed power of 36 MW. One of investors in this remarkable project is Dalekovod Professio d.o.o. 100% owned by Dalekovod d.d.

This is already a second wind park project launched by Dalekovod Professio and it's partners with support of Societe Generale – Splitska banka d.d. The first wind park ZD 6 nearby city of Gračac with total 9 MW of installed power was commissioned in January this year. It is important to stress that Dalekovod had designed and performed civil engineering and high voltage installations works on this site and conducted successful grid connection of the wind park ZD 6. The same is contracted for ZD 2 and ZD 3 project.

After ZD 2 i ZD 3 wind park commissioning, Dalekovod Professio d.o.o. shall manage 50% of the wind park portfolio ZD 6, ZD 2 and ZD 3 with total installed 45 MW, which, so far, is the biggest such portfolio in Republic of Croatia. End of construction and commissioning of the wind park is scheduled for beginning of year 2012.

Dalekovod Professio intends to continue with investments in wind parks. In different phases of building permit acquisition process there are five wind park locations with total planned additional installed power of over 100 MW.

Closing of this contract confirms that business banks Societe Generale – Splitska banka d.d. and Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. support Croatian entrepreneurs with debt project financing for renewable energy projects representing key link for stimulating development of this important segment of economy.
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