Transmission line 420 kV SKÅREHEIA (EVJE) - HOLEN

After somewhat less than two years, the works on construction of the transmission line 420 kV Skåreheia(Evje) – Holen have been successfully finished within an agreed deadline. The state Norwegian company Statnett that invested in the construction of the above mentioned 420 kV transmission line...
is very satisfied with high-quality works carried out, despite unfavorable weather conditions that followed the course of the construction of the transmission line for the most of the time.

The ceremony of formal commissioning of 420 kV transmission line with total length of 103 km was organized on 21st October 2009 in the Brokke substation. Among many present persons on the part of Investor and Contractor, this important event was attended by Mr. Jarand Felland, the High State Representative Official from the Ministry of Oil and Energy Supply, Mr. Auke Lont, President of the Management Board representing the company Statnett and Mr. Håkon Borgen, the Executive Vice-President who is in charge of investment projects, while on this occasion our company was represented – Mr. Tomislav Belamarić, Managing Director of the Company.

The construction of 420 kV transmission line Skåreheia(Evje) - Holen and its integration in the existing electric power supply system of south Norway greatly strengthened the existing electric power supply system leading to successful acceptance of electric power supply surpluses produced in local electric power supply systems directed towards substations TS Brokke and TS Holen that connect the respective transmission line. Apart from the above said, the assumption for successful increase in transmission electric power capacities and flexibility of the Norwegian electric power supply system in this part of Norway in exchange of electricity with the Netherlands and Denmark via previously laid underwater cables has been accomplished.
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