The City of Zagreb Award

The President of the Management Board of Dalekovod d.d., Luka Miličić has been granted an award of the town Zagreb for his special successes, achievements and merits in the economy. The award has been accepted unanimously by the Council for Public acclaims of the Town Council.

About the award:

The award of the town Zagreb is granted to the citizen of the town Zagreb and other persons that are active on the territory of the town Zagreb, to work groups, companies, institutions, religious communities, associations of citizen and other legal persons for highest merits and achieved results in theoretical and practical work in promoting science, economy, education, culture, art, sport, health, social welfare and all other areas of social life in the town Zagreb.

Procedure for granting the award of the town Zagreb is initiated each year by the Committee of the Town Council for public merits by inviting tenders for bidding competition. Bid competition is issued in daily newspapers determined by the Council.

The City of Zagreb Award.pdf (320 KB)

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