Midsummer holiday celebration 2010

Dalekovod d.d. participated as a sponsor of Midsummer holiday celebration 2010., giving support to mutual humanitarian project of Nordic Chamber of Commerce and UNHCR with the purpose of providing equipment and modernising the film workshop section of Davorin Trstenjak school in Hrvatska Kostajnica.

Notification on issue of commercial bills of the company Dalekovod d.d.

Dalekovod d.d. issues 13th and 14th tranche of commercial bills on 364 days period and increases current 10th tranche. Nominal amount of the 13th tranche is 8,4 million Kuna (Mark: DLKV-M-123A), 14th tranche is 2,0 million Euro (Mark : DLKV-M-123E), while the amount of the 10th tranche is increased by 3,7 million Kuna (Mark : DLKV-M- 035A).

Notification about aquistion of shares

The company Dalekovod d.d., Zagreb has during this week acquired 4.0962 % shares from the company Dalekovod TKS a.d. Doboj in transactions performed on the Banjaluka Stock Exchange. The company Dalekovod TKS a.d. Doboj is the member of the Dalekovod Group...
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