New project awarded in Greenland

After successful breakthrough into the Scandinavian market, company Dalekovod may, in these recession times, announce completion of negotiations and soon signing of an Agreement on Construction of 60 kV transmission line in Greenland.
The construction of the above 45 km long transmission line shall encompass complete delivery of material and works. It shall form an integral part of the Ilulissat Project, headed by the Greenland Government. Dalekovod shall enter into this project together with the Icelandic company Istak, that shall take over works related to construction of the hydro power plant and other accompanying projects within the range of the above Project.

The construction works are anticipated to start in mid-April 2011 and shall be completed by September 2012. Due to extremely harsh climate conditions and the specific quality of works, the above shall be carried out from April till October. The fact that traffic connection in Greenland is possible only by ships shall significantly influence the method and course of performance of works that shall, for the most part, be carried out by helicopters. Environmental requirements are also very demanding as in other Scandinavian countries.
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