Dalekovod has managed to enter the Polish market

We are free to inform you that Dalekovod has for years been trying to enter the large, however, very demanding Polish market. For that purpose, the company Dalekovod Polska d.d. was set up in Warsaw in 2004.
Due to the strong competition of local companies in Poland, it has been difficult for Dalekovod to establish its position on the above market. Nevertheless, after persistent and diligent work, and a thorough study of the Polish legislation and regulations and the analysis of the Polish market, Dalekovod’s first results have begun to appear.

Aside from several low-value contracts that have been awarded to Dalekovod in the previous years, Dalekovod has also been awarded a few significant contracts within the framework of the WZRT Sp. zo.o. Consortium. The contracts refer to modernisation of the transmission line network (110 kV transmission lines, substations, installation of OPGW). Although these are low-value contracts (four contracts of total value being ca € 18 mil.) they are very important in terms of creation of the company’s brand and entry of Dalekovod into a closed Polish market.

Apart from the Consortium that was set up together with WZRT Sp., Dalekovod has also co-operated with the ZUE SA Group and jointly participated in several new invitations to bid. Co-operation with the ZUE SA Group offers huge potentials, esp. when participating in large invitations to bid, namely those related to construction of 400 kV transmission lines. Taking into account the fact that a new cycle of investments in the Polish transmission line network has been announced, the goal of the company Dalekovod, or Dalekovod Polska d.d., as the company daughter, is both to expand the co-operation on the Polish market with local partners who are offering support and to strengthen the presence of the above companies on the large Polish market.

Dalekovod d.d.
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