Announcement - Impact of COVID-19 virus on business of Dalekovod JSC


In accordance with the recommendation of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) company Dalekovod JSC publishes steps related to performing business activities with respect to the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the financial markets.
Company Dalekovod JSC established a crisis headquarters to manage the situation of COVID-19 virus epidemic and actions that are challenging for the company's operations. Headquarters in charge for the entire Dalekovod Group, will report regularly on any changes related to business continuity.
The company regularly follows the Ministry of Health's instructions regarding the measures that regulate the international traffic of people and on the basis of which a decision was made to ban travel for all employees in countries / territories: China, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.
The list of countries is not final and will be modified in accordance with the recommendations of the competent authorities.
A detailed plan has also been made in the event of the occurrence of patients with COVID-19 virus in the company itself and will be distributed in accordance with the Plan available at all sites and construction sites.
The situation in key markets, Scandinavia and the domestic market, the situation is stable, works are carried out without interruption with parallel planning of potential escalation procedures.
Dalekovod JSC will regularly report on all relevant information regarding the impact COVID-19 disease to underlying factors, prospects or financial situation in accordance with transparency obligations under the Market Abuse Regulation.
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